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Quadcopter weight: 199g

Unfolded size: 135mm×145mm×36.8mm

Folded size: 135mm×67mm×36.8mm

Maximum altitude: 3000m

Flying time: 9 mins(0 elevation)

Working temperature: 0~40°C

GPS: Optical flow + Ultrasonic (illuminance> 15 lux); (outdoor):GPS / GLONASS dual-mode

Maximum rise height with GPS mode: According to national legislation

Control distance: 100m (open area without interference)

maximum rise height with light streaming mode 3m

Hovering accuracy: Vertical: +/- 0.1 m (optical flow positioning during normal operation);

 +/- 0.5 meters (outdoor)

Horizontal: +/- 0.3 m (optical flow when targeting normal operation); 

+/- 1.0 meters (outdoor)

WiFi frequency bands: 2.4GHz : 5GHz

Emission power: EIRP 2.4G: 19dBm; EIRP 5G: 25g dBm


Camera Image sensor: 1 / 3.06 inches CMOS; effective pixels 13 million

Lens: FOV 75°; 28mm (35mm format equivalent); f / 2.2; infinity focus

Camera tilt range: -90°~22.5°

Maximum photo resolution: 4208 × 3120

Photo shooting mode: Single camera; Delay pictures; Beauty pictures

Multi Burst (BURST): 2~15 sheets

Video capture mode: 10s Autotrack short video shooting; HD video capture

ISO range: 100~3200

EV range: -12; -8; -4; 0; 4; 8; 12

Delay shooting: 3s / 5s / 10s / 20s

Video resolution : 4K @ 30fps image stabilization 1080p @ 30fps

Storage format: JPG / MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264)

Storage capacity: 16G

USB Interface Type: Micro-USB Interface


Battery Rated capacity: 970mAh

Rated energy: 7.37Wh

Nominal voltage: 7.6V

Battery Type: LiPo 2S

Charging Ambient temperature: 0~45°C

Discharge ambient temperature: 0~45°C

Charge limit voltage: 8.7V


Charging Dock Interface: Type-C

Voltage: 9V

Rated power: 15W


App name: Do.Fun

Real-time image transmission: 640x480 @ 30fps; 320 × 240 @ 30fps

Delay: 160ms (depending on the actual shooting environment and mobile devices

System version of Mobile: Android 4.3 and above; iOS 8.0 and above



1. With runway modeling, patented folding technology

2. A small pocket selfie drone,can be put into your pocket and can be charged with a charger pal.

3. With gesture interaction, face recognition, auto follow, voice control, and somatosensory control function.

4. One key take off, voice enabled take off, toss to fly, pat to fly.

5. It can be hover indoor and be very stable.

6. With 13MP HD camera,4K image acquisition,1080P video recording

7. Support shooting modes of real time, continuous photo taking, time delay pictures and beauty shoot.One touch to share to social 


8. Aerial acrobatics,gesture control,face detection and tracking,target tracking.

9. No need the remote control, touch the app on your mobile then it can fly.

10. Do fun app makes you become professional player in 5 minutes.

Package Included:

1 x Dobby

1 x 7.6V 970mAh Battery

1 x Battery Charger

1 x Power Adapter(US Plug)

1 x USB Cable

1 x Adapter

1 x English Manual