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Le-Vision Model: LSVR-05

Focal : Adjustable

Product Size: 190X100X120mm

Object distance: Adjustable

Weight: 335g

Interpupillary distance : Adjustable

Suitable size: 4.5-6.3 inch smartphones

Patch: Human body engineering cortical

Material: ABS + PC + PMMA

Color: Black & White

Lens: Anti-dizzy 42mm lens, the clarity is 30% higher than ordinary lense


1. Works with most smart phones screen size up to 6.3 inches;

2. Large lens increase field of view is up to 105 degree; 

3. Adjustable focal length, which is great for shortsighted users;

4. Adjustable pupil distance for a personalized experience;

5. It provides full color, quality viewing-delivering clear, vivid graphics and stunning 3D imagery;

6. Comfortable and convenient - Lightweight & Portable;

7. With air vents, effectively prevent smartphone and face from being too heated, as well as prevents the glasses from being fogging;

8. Room for power and audio cords; 

9. Open cabinet design, which is easy for customers to put the mobiles;

10. Adjustable headband for more comfort;

11. The first professional VR with anti-dizzy lens;

12. With PMMA lens from Korea,the clarity is 30% higher than ordinary lens;

13. Translucent front cover. AR function can be used by using the camera of your mobiles.